Whether you need a new resume, cover letter, resume editing, interview preparation or any other service, Affordable Career Services is proud to offer what you need for a job at an affordable price. 

Nicholas Lucas created this company and site because he could not believe what many are charging for these services.  People who are looking for a job typically do not have a large amount to spend.  Due to his experience and other work, he can offer the needed services at a low price.

Nicholas Lucas has a General M.B.A and an M.A in Legal Studies.  He has owned several businesses, including one in which he was a consultant and a Supreme Court Circuit-Civil Mediator.  For this job, he earned his mediator’s license in the State of Florida.

Nicholas Lucas has also worked for the Federal Government in two positions including one with the IRS and the other with the Department of Defense.  In addition, he has worked from home for several years.  For the work at home, he spent two and a half years with John Hancock Life Insurance.

At this time, he is the head of the Disability Solutions Network which exist to help and educate the disabled. The Disability Solutions Network has a blog which he writes for and can be seen at www.disabilitysolutionsnetwork.com .  

Nicholas Lucas is proud to offer Career Services to you through this site.